A home from home

We are mindful that many of our residents will be moving from their homes to come and live with us at Wemyss Lodge. This will mean moving away from their own familiar surroundings and personal effects into a new shared environment. This can be a time of mixed emotions for each individual and their families. There may be many feelings involved; some of excitement for a new chapter, relief to have the support of 24 hour Nursing and Care, concern about a new environment and leaving behind loved belongings. We understand.

We have designed our bedrooms to include plenty of drawer and wardrobe space so you can bring some of your personal effects to create their own ‘home from home’ environment. We have ensured each room has plenty of natural  and electrical lighting. Most of our rooms have ensuite facilities. We know that it is important for us to spend time orientating and supporting new residents to feel part of our ‘family’. We are experienced in building relationships with our new residents and developing a social network within the lodge and the wider community.

Social Life

Wemyss Lodge provides the opportunity for residents to enjoy an active social life, with our team and with fellow residents. To give you an idea of our community, we have 45 bedrooms in the main lodge and 15 bedrooms rooms in the Stratton Wing.

We have designed Wemyss Lodge with the most up- to-date colour contrast to enable our residents living with dementia and residents with sight loss to identify different rooms easily. We use a blended approach with our electrical and natural lighting to make the most of our residents sight capabilities. Accommodation is designed to provide a safe, comfortable and personal environment.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces have flat accessible pathways. The garden area is secure, with an assortment of flowers, interesting features to enjoy and comfortable garden furniture to complete the experience.

At Wemyss Lodge we recognise that our residents have differing capabilities and needs. We work hard to meet those differences individually and provide ‘something for everyone’ in our communal spaces. We uphold our residents dignity and support their right to make choices, including their input in quality improvements we make in all areas.